Thursday, 1 April 2010

london 3 weeks away

With the memories of my first ultra win in the wiggle still fresh I must now start to focus on more pressing matters such as the small matter of the virgin london marathon. i went for my first run today since wiggle nearly 2 weeks ago. just down to the gym for a short work out to see how the legs are. all signs are good so i just need to ease myself back into the 14th week of the 16th week marathon schedule (not that i have really been following one).

i plan to focus almost entirely on pace and speed in the next 2 weeks to ensure that the 8 minute miling planned for london (3:30 finish) isnt a shock to the system. afterall ultras running at 10 minute plus miling are quite different so it will be interesting to see how (and if) i adapt. we shall see.

the plan for the weekend is a 1o miler starting at 9 minute pace and quickning to run the last 5 miles at 8 min marathon pace. Then on wednesday its the club stag run where i will need to bring out the guns and nail it to stay on track to claim the stag trophy. hopefully the weather will be awful so no one turns up and i get an easier time of it. :-)

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