Thursday, 6 December 2012

100k London to Leighton GUC ultra

Just  a quick post on the weekend's long run. A friend decided it would be a good idea to get the first train from Leighton Buzzard to Euston (3:51am!!) and run back! So that's what ws did. On a freezing cold day we set out along the Grand Union Canal to cover the 100k route from London to Leighton.

Our strategy was to run 25 mins and walk for 5. It worked really well as we maintained a constant pace. At half way we hit the Tescos carpark in Rickmansworth where Rod and Steve's wives were waiting with a massive buffet lunch. Including ham and cheese sarnies, peanut butter and banana (lush!!!) malt loaf. We filled ourselves right up and set out for the second half.

My legs weren't working particularly well as they stiffened up a little in the break. It was fair to say that I slowed in the second half with my recent track marathon still in the legs.  I struggled on with Rod and Steve looking far fresher. At 40 miles in Hemel I was half considering jumping on the train back to LB. The relief would have been instant but I couldn't seriously consider letting the boys down. This was there very first ultra distance run and I was there to support them.

The last 20 miles weren't actually as bad as I imagined as I managed to get out of my funk and lift my spirits. I was enjoying myself again.

We continued the 25/5 run walk strategy through out which worked really well. With darkness falling we arrived back in Leighton Buzzard 12 1/2 hours after setting out from London. It felt very satisifying to get the job done. The boys were thrilled and so they should be. To complete a 100k run as your very first ultra distance run is amazing so very well done to Rod and Steve.

Its Wednesday now and my legs are recovering. It was great to get this final LONG run in before the year is out. I will relax in December and just tick over, and then start my UTMB training in January. 2013 is going to be the toughest year yet with one month separating the Lakeland100 at the end of July and the massive Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc at the end of August. It promises to be a very special year!!!

A very Merry Christmas to all (a little early I know but not sure when I will blog again...)