Ultra Disco Stu

Cooling down after Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc in 2013

"Running on Empty" is my outlet to convey my two passions - Running and the ElliptiGO.

My brief back story is that I started running in 2003, age 24. A relative late starter and definitely not a natural. Nothing has ever come easy to me - throughout school and university I've always had to work harder than everyone else to compete (at least this is how it seemed). But I'm determined and competitive and once I set myself a goal I work endlessly to achieve it. I completed my first marathon in 2006 and said "never again" as I staggered like a drunkard down The Mall. In 2009 after being absolutely captivated by Dean Karnazes first book - Ultramarathon Man, I ventured curiously into the relatively (then) unknown world of ultra marathons.

I've since gone on to complete and DNF several hundreds including completing two dream ultra races in 2013 -  Western States Endurance Run and UTMB.

It was in 2011 that my path took a crazy turn as I dived into the completely unknown world of the ElliptiGO  - back then as a means to cross-train for ultra running. The rest of the stories, race reports, my thoughts and an explanation on just what the heck an ElliptiGO is, is laid out in the pages of this blog.

Happy Running and feel free to leave any comments or questions for me below.

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