Saturday, 27 March 2010

wiggle splits

The splits are in for wiggle! (see below) To normal runners (can i say that!?) they would look at these and say oh dear you slowed down from the first lap onwards. not very well paced was it. And if it was the london marathon or similar they would be right. but this was a rather different race with an elevation gain of over 1000ft per lap and on my feet for 12 + hours i was rather happy with how I kept it together and didn't slow down too much. Lap 11's 1h20m time can also be explained as I had to stop to remove my shoe and sock to stick back what was left of the patch covering my worn forefoot. I was also purposely going slower to try and time it right so I finished the lap around 6pm. of course that didnt work! as I was still 20 mins too fast. And I also wsted more time at the finish line on lap 11 before crossing the timing mat for a couple of minutes trying to work out if I had won, not won, could finish, or had to carry on.

So all in all very happy.

Still haven't decided what to spend my £75 at wiggle on. Looking at a new pair of off-roaders as the inov8s roclites 315 took a beating in the wiggle and I don't think will hold together well or protect my feet enough in the 61mile Fellsman in May. any suggestions people?

LAP 1 - 00:52:45
2 - 00:54:04
3 - 00:55:16
4 - 00:57:46
5 - 01:03:41
6 - 01:03:39
7 - 01:02:02
8 - 01:08:02
9 - 01:10:56
10 - 01:11:49
11 - 01:20:04
12 - 01:08:16

Total 12:48:20


  1. If anything Stu, I think you went out too fast!! Can I point you in the direction of these beaut's?