Friday, 12 March 2010

LBAC Stag run

Wednesday saw the LBAC club stag trophy run which takes place on the first wednesday of each month. The format is a handicpapped start based on ability which gives all those competing an equal chance of success basd on your individual improved performance over the season. There are 7 stag runs over the season with your best 5 counting towards your final score. Its run around a short loop three times to total 2.5 miles in distance.

So far I've already missed 2 stag runs this season so the pressure is on to compete all those that remain if I am to post a qualifying finish total. On Wednesday I was far from feeling good having just about recovered from fever the previous weekend and nursing a cold, but I wasn't gonna let this stop me. So I donned by running gear for the first time in near enough a week and trotted down to the start. A smaller than usual field assembled for the start. smaller is good as you are obviously competing against fewer people giving a greater chance of finishing higher up.

The first person past the post gets 25 pts followed by 24, 23 and so on all the way down to 1 pt for 25th place. So far this season I've scored 22 pts, and 20 pts so want to keep up the avg. I was called by Dave - the official LBAC Stag ajudicator who does all the maths and works out the handicaps etc. 15 seconds to go....

And I was off... and breathing hard from the start as the cold evening air and blocked nose all work against me however I deep in and go for it. 1st lap completing and I'm passing a few people, 2nd lap and I'm passing a few more but feeling it!! pace was a 5:50 minute mile so not slow but being such a short race you know the end is soon in sight! Final lap and I'm really starting to feel my early pace but hanging on and still passing people. I crossed the line in 3rd and get 23 pts for my troubles and a PB time of 14:50. So still in with a chance of lifting the stag trophy in May :-)

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  1. Good going, I set a PB in a 2.9m handcap race recently, by 20 seconds. Not sure where it came from. Good luck with the rest of the series!