Saturday, 10 April 2010

LBAC Stag run

it was the monthly stag run on Wednesday at the club. a 2.5 miler (3 laps) blast around the park in LB. I was in the running to lift the trophy if I can keep the PBs coming. The format is based on your previous time which places everyone running on a staggered start. I started third from last out of 31 runners racing (a record number of turn outs for the club stag run!). I never like the beginning where you have to wait your turn and watch everyone else go off first. But the fun immediately begins when you start chasing people down. I knew I was pushing harder than before because of both my breathing and garmin pace. 1st mile in 5:46, the 2nd slower in 6:00 as my enthuasim in the early stages started to show. But I dug deep and continued pushing in the final lap still passing other runners all the way up the hill and over the finish line. the time 14:31 - a PB and 22secs faster than the previous month. I finished 4th and collected 22 pts for my troubles which puts me in pole position to lift the Stag Trophy in the final run in May. But I'm not counting my chickens quite yet and want to put in one last performance, and perhaps another PB.
see full write up and April stag results here -

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