Friday, 23 April 2010

Wednesday club run ruins marathon hopes....

haha now I've got your attention I thought I would fire off a quick post before Sunday's London Marathon. In actual fact the title of this post has some truth in it as someone made the decision to go offroad for the club run on wednesday across very dodgy uneven terrain and freshly ploughed fields!!! this was certainly NOT what my ankles needed just 4 days before the marathon. to add to this I also ended up running over 8 miles as its a 3 miles round trip to get from home to the sports centre where the club meets, so all in all not a great taper run. But don't think its done any damage.

So to Sunday... well I can say that I'm definitely looking forward to it and it certainly looks like being another hot one! ouch :-O so I will have to be a lot more sensible than last year with regard to better and hopefully more even pacing and taking on a lot for fluids and lucozade throughout the race. one other change from last year and in 2006 is that I'm at home on Saturday night and travelling up Sunday morning which does mean a VERY EARLY start... about 4:30am (5 hrs before race start!!) which isn't brilliant but then you never sleep too well the night before anyway so perhaps shouldn't matter too much.

anyway thats enough ramblings from me... hopefully my next post will start by saying I BROKE 3:30!!! :-)

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  1. You can do it Stu! You know from Ultras its the mind that rules the body! Keep positive I'm sure you will smash your goal!

    What ultras you got planned this year?