Tuesday, 13 April 2010

ditching the garmin for london

I've made what I hope is a very good decision today which is to ditch the garmin (and any kind watch) for the london marathon. this i hope will allow me to get into a natural rhythm and pace without constantly looking down at the watch to check the pace and adjust accordingly. This can  have the effect of slowing you down too much when you feel good and making you speed up when you don't. So I'm sure this will help a great deal, in getting a far more consistent and natural pace not deditated by technology but by my own body and signals that my toes, feet, calves, quads, and hams will send the brain. This should then allow me to perhaps push on when I feel good and hold back a little when I don't. The proof will be in the pudding but the fact that I run my half marathon PB without a watch last year surely proves something.

We shall see but I'm well excited by this prospect... and the results will be telling...


  1. Hey Stu,

    Like your decision on ditching the Garmin, not only will you get more of a natural pace but you can absorb the atmosphere of the whole occasion.

    What other races you got lined up for the summer?

  2. Hi Stu, I PB'd an often run fell race by a few minutes once when garmin died one mile in. So just "went for it".