Sunday, 13 January 2013


So the end of WSER: Week 2 and a very satisfying week it was to. My new found love is Strava where I can upload all my Garmin data onto the Strava website and pour over the results post-run. Far better than Garmin-connect which feels outdated and clumsy.

So with that I can bore all you readers (if I have any!.....) with a summary of each run/ride (ElliptiGO) below from Monday through to Saturday complete with map, mileage and elevation :-)


The first session of the week is Hill Repeats! Well what better way to start the week than to destroy yourself in body and mind :-D I ran with my work buddy Robbie which was great as we both pushed each other on each repeat as we zipped past each other. This was essentially speed-endurance training on a hill with no rest at either the top or bottom of the hill. A great workout.

Tuesday is the day for my 60 mile ElliptiGO ride to work and back. Last week it destroyed me, but in just one week my fitness has improved and as a result it was far more enjoyable. And 2,806ft of elevation to boot :-)

To get a few extra miles in on the Wednesday club run I ran 6 and a bit miles before meeting up with my running buddies. The result was just over 14 miles which is a nice mid-week distance to supplement the weekend long run. 

Shorter lunchtime recovery run around the trails of Bricket Wood including a few short sharp climbs.

The plan on Friday evening (because I had a club XC fixture on Saturday) was to get in my long run around Ivinghoe Beacon. However the best laid plans and all that... The fog was unbeliveable and I couldn't see more than a few feet infront of me despite having Petzl power! On the descents I had to take it really easy so the running benefit was nil. And after wandering around the top of the beacon for 5 minutes trying to find the right path down, I called it a day at 8 miles. Still 1,236ft of elevation is not bad.

The highlight of the week has got to be yesterday's run at the Chiltern League XC fixture hosted at Luton. I used this as an ideal opportunity to get in my weekend long run by doing a 10 mile 'warm-up' before the main event which was a 9km blast (3 laps). It was weird standing on the start line having already ran 6 laps, whilst everyone else was fresh as a daisy and raring to go. I quickly got into my stride when the horn sounded and fell into a sub 7mpm pace. This quickened to sub 6:30s as the race progressed. A very enjoyable run rounded off with a sprint finish down the home-straight passing many on the way who only had '3 laps' in their legs :-D

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