Thursday, 31 January 2013

January WSER Training summary

I'm struggling to find the time to post a weekly summary of my training in preparation for Western States so I think I will instead post a monthly summary from this point forward and try to pull out the key learning, the highs and the lows, and look ahead to what I need to do in the following month. This is mainly to help me keep track of my progress and remind me of what I need to do.

So January (including the 31st Dec which was the Monday and my first offical day of training AND the day I found out I won the WSER place :-) looks like this:

RUN (31st Dec - 31st Jan)
Distance: 213.8mi    (Distance in training schedule 201mi)  - 47mi average per week
Time: 32hr 02m
Elev Gain: 10,794ft (Target was 10,000ft but needs to be a lot more!)
Runs: 26   (5 runs avg per week)

ELLIPTIGO (31st Dec - 31st Jan)
Distance: 121.4mi    (Planned distance in schedule 
Time:  8hr 48m
Elev Gain: 2,844ft
Rides:  3 (including abandoned ride due to frozen hub!)

The HIGHs!
- A solid first month of training in which I found it easy to keep motivation levels high (despite the weather!) due to the excitement of WSER!!! - and this continues to motivate me to get out and not miss a session.
- I have really enjoyed the challenge of hill repeats on Monday lunchtimes which has definitely become a permanent fixture in my weekly training schedule
- Getting out the door a little eariler on Wednesday's for the club run and tagging on 6-8mi before I join up with the club has worked well and meant that I can get in a mid week long run
- Finding the balance between running and family life!....just ;-)
- Injury-free!

oh...... and new pair of shoes purchased - Hoka One One Stinson EVOs :-) Full review to follow in next few weeks...

The LOWs!
- Less cross-training on the ElliptiGO than planned due to the snowy (read: dangerous!) conditions.

February schedule: (1st Feb - 28th Feb)

Distance: 186m
Elev Gain: 12,000ft
Runs: 20  

Distance:  240mi
Rides:  4

What I will do differently this Month:
- More cross-training on ElliptiGO
- Twice weekly leg squat sessions with extra weights
- Up the intensity

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