Friday, 15 January 2010

Devon 100 cancelled! GUTTED!

My whole world has been thrown upside down today with the news that the Race Director of the Devon 100 has had to cancel the race due to family commitments. What a blow for my ultra 100 aspirations! I was so looking forward to this race and my first attempt at this distance. But I can't dwell on what might have been and must look forward and keep 2010 on track (or should that be on trail or road as it turns out).

The fall back to the D100 was the London Marathon as I got a place through the ballot not actully thinking that I would be running it this year. But this is now the plan, so out go the ultra long training runs and in come the speed sessions, half marathons and 10km! I think I'm now more scared training for and running London than I was the D100. Oh how I long for long slow miles but they will have to be put on hold if I am to break through last years London disappointment of 3:43, and go under 3:30! So lets get this show on the road...

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