Saturday, 2 January 2010

1st long run in 2010

I waited 2 days to get in my first run of 2010 but the time off from running since before Christmas has helped to ease any discomfort experienced in my right ankle (touch wood). Today I felt fresh and ready to take on the challenges that lay before me in 2010.

What also helped today's 12 mile long slow run were my shiny new pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence 2 trainers. I couldn't help but admire them as they glistened in the morning winter sun as I trod the fresh frost along the Grand Union and enjoyed the crunching sensation underfoot. They fitted like a glove and I hope they will help to banish the discomfort in my ankle as the miles rack up. I'm confident they will help as I've probably made the mistake for a large part of 2009 of only running in off road trainers on all surfaces, providing less protection from the pounding on harder surfaces. We shall see....

My shiny new trainers.... they smell so good

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