Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010 - Week 1 (Saucony's arrived!)

Well that's Week 1 complete of my 16 week training schedule before the Devon 100 on 24th April. All in all a very good week of training especially considering the arctic conditions out there, and I have really enjoyed running in the snow despite the biting cold.
I ran 11.5 miles last Saturday (2nd January), rested sunday, 8 miles Monday at a good pace (7:45m/m avg), 5m interval run Tuesday (blew away the cobwebs!), 10m on Wednesday in the deep snow and dark. Tested out my new head torch too - Pretzl Myo XP which was absolutely superb and will be ideal for the D100. Rested Thursday. 7m hills on Friday (in snow) which was tough going compounded my a dodgy stomach which made me feel none to good. And today - 20.5m LSR along the grand union canal between Leighton Buzzard and Tring reservoir (9.40m/m avg). Felt good for the most part and stunning scenery along this part of the GUC. Unfortunately my right ankle evidently STILL isn't 100% which is annoying. However must train around it and not over do it. Iced it in ice cold water, and will continue to do so.

Anyway a 50 mile week for Week 1 of my training programme is nicely satisifying. But in hindsight perhaps a little too much too early. However there was a reason for the miles with the Ultra45 race on 23rd January. However after today's 20m it is apparent that to try and run 45m in two weeks time would do far more damage than good. So I have to reside myself to fact that if I do run (which I plan to do) it will be the first ultra that I don't finish. Alternatively I pull out the race all together and keep that record intact.

The highlight of the week has to be the arrival of my Saucony Progrid Hurricane 11's which I won from Runners World for my Letter of the Month (see previous post). And here they are...

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  1. Are you sure Homer Simpson didn't get his grubby hands on them first? They're glowing a bit ;-)