Thursday, 3 September 2009

oh the pain...

great long run last night starting out just before 6pm in the pouring pouring rain as I ran 10 miles before joining local LBAC club runners for a jaunt down the grand union canal. By the time I've finished my scheduled 18 mile run... having already long left the club runners behind in a nice warm dry pub i still had a 1hr15min jog/walk to complete my alotted session! And this was in the pitch black back down the canal and along country lanes with cars (just) spotting me before they took a wide berth but not before soaking me in the process. I completed my session which was conveniently routed pass the same pub that the club runners had decended 1 hour or so before, so I retired for a well earned pint, before continuing my run home to make it back shortly before 11pm. what a night. the only other dampener on the evening was my new misfitting salomon trainers which have been a nightmare since buying them on saturday. A fantasic shoe that kept my feet dry thoughout this run (due to goretex liner and outer) but far too narrow causing major rubbing on my little toe and a huge blister for my troubles! Probably selling on ebay unless anyone reading this fits a size 11.5??

Recovery today has been very good. I can't remember ever feeling this good the day after a 23 mile run, so the training must be slowly paying off! thanks to the mad dog!

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