Monday, 24 August 2009

Training update

So just a month til the big one... and training is starting to get a bit more serious now... although it never feels that way which is a good thing! The weekly mileage is still below 40 miles. This is in part because the mad dog stands by the rule of taking things nice and progressively (and somewhat slowly) so whilst I've been chomping at the bit to get loads more miles under my belt I have restrained from doing so and am probably better for it... i.e. I'm injury free and will hopefully peak for the big 3 in 3 rather than get their and feek knackered from the previous months of training.

One significant change in the training has been the new club run on a Wednesday night. Running with 15 or so other runners from the Leighton Buzzard Athletics Club has been a great change to my usual pattern of runs. Its run at a good pace out front with the fastest looping back every now and then to keep the whole pack together. This means that everyone an run at a pace they feel comfortable wih but not get left behind. Those in the front pack (including me) also get some extra distance in as the loops do add some mileage.

However to accommodate the club run into mad dogs weekly training schedule hasn't been straight forward. However to cut a long (and dull) story short I plan to move my long run from the weekend to the club night. Thus I will run 10 or so miles straight before the club run then join up with LBAC runners and enjoy a good work out for another 8-10 miles then do the usual warm down jog/walk pattern that follows the normal long run. This way I won't compromise the 4 set sessions I run per week, and should stop me from over doing it. We will see how this all goes, as I'm starting the very schedule this week. Can report back on progress in due course!

oh and my new 2XU compression tights arrived today too... as modelled below! :-Da new purchase from my nan's birthday money! :-) these are apparently really good for long distance running reducing muscle fatigue and speeding up recovery! So looking forward to testing them out on Wednesday!


  1. sexy pants dude!!! I think the one of the reasons I don't do this, is that it sounds very confusing!!!

  2. cheers mate. they are very snug!

  3. Tight pants, or shorts in the case of the UTMB, seem to be de rigeur in Europe. I heard a fellow Englishman describe them as budgie smugglers. Are you French by any chance, Stu?