Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Successful trial on trails...

So my new Asics Trabuco's arrived on Monday and I eagerly took them out at lunchtime for a 8 miler. I knew straight away from putting them on that they had a familar feel (to my old Trabucos)... it was akin to cinderella trying on the slipper! a perfect fit :-) far more roomy than the narrow salomons. Opting for the size 12's really worked out too, as the 11.5 which I had originally ordered but were out of stock would of been too small, so that was a stroke of luck.

The 8 miler went well. I'm getting quite into these progressive runs now where the next mile is (of should) always be faster than the last. Of course this wouldn't be possible without the garmin telling you exactly how fast you are going. I keep an eye on the mile laps splits and gently up the pace each mile, which is easier said than done I can tell you! My splits were 7:55, 7:42, 7:28, 7:26, 7:22, 6:58, 6:56, 6:42. Pretty happy with that especially in the new shoes.

So hopefully they will be just the ticket for the Atlantic Coast Challenge which is little more than 1 week away now!! eek :-) The entrants information has just been posted on the website so I've gotta read that through with a fine tooth comb! One thing I've never had to do before which is compulsory on this event is to pack mandatory items in your racing backpack. this includes torch, compass, whistle, waterproof, warm jumper, food, notepad etc which is certainly going to add some weight!! I plan to go out and test the fully laiden race pack tomorrow on my scheduled long run to see what its like. They say never to try anything new on race day so I don't want any surprises!

Just hope the knee is going to hold out!... its been showing me a few signs of late that it might need a bit of a rest so plan to take it fairly easy now in lead up to ACC!

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