Sunday, 13 September 2009

Cross Bucks Way

Cross Bucks Way... scenic run through fields...

First the first run of the week. I did have a 10 mile hill session scheduled however my knee is sending a few signals that I should perhaps take it a little easy in the run in to the Atlantic Coast Challenge, so instead I opted to find flatter ground. I used my new OS Discovery Map for the 1st time and decided to head out West from Leighton Buzzard on the Cross Bucks Way. Map reading is not my strong point, but with a well marked trail this was a fairly straight forward route. Some very nice scenery and lots of animals as the photos below show! I'm not a big fan of running through fields full of cows, as I find them a little unpredictable, however I came through unscathed! phew :-O

click here to see the Bucks Cross Way route

its a lama!!
Cross Bucks Way straight through Soulbury Church!
he's coming straight for me! eek...
carbo loading!
half way!

more wildlife!

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