Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New invo-8 roclites 315's!

Its so sad that I can get this excited about a new pair of running shoes but it is what it is. Gave these invo-8 Roclite 315's their first trail test today and they were awesome! so comfortable and much lighter than previous trainers. The reason being that there is very little to them. The whole Invo-8 range stands by the principle that the human foot is an amazing piece of engineering which can adapt to whatever surface it is on... so why would you you reduce its ability to react to the trail with lots of moulded support and cushioning which adds so much weight. I shouldn't get carried away as I've only run 4 miles in them but I'm impressed with what I've see so far and can't wait to give them the ultimate test in the Kent 50mile Challenge!

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