Tuesday, 30 June 2009

new 10km PB

Despite being hot hot hot today I had a fast 6 miler scheduled by the mad dog so thought I would give it my all and challenge my current 10km PB of just over 43minutes (run in the Herts 10km last year). I haven't really concentrated on this distance to any degree in the past so thought I had a good stab at improving on my time with all the recent training I've been putting in.

The garmin forerunner really helps with pacing and today was no exception. I ran the first mile dead on 7min, and started to increase the pace slowly as the run progressed. I ran mile 2 in 6:45, miles 2 & 3 in 6:40, mile 5 in 6:50, and gave a final burst in mile 6 running it in 6:11. Which gave me a new 10km PB of 40:08 knocking 3 minutes off my previous best! Not bad for a lunchtime stroll.

Not sure what the rules are on PB's though... whether on not they only count if run in a timed race. However I taking this one! Perhaps I will look at entering a 10km race during the summer months to see if I can run sub 40.


  1. Hey Stu. I knew you were one of those 'racing snakes', blessed with the speed gene. You will go far. Well done and keep running.


  2. ;-) funny cos I never feel that fast. I think its endemic of running that you just never quite notice the improvements you are making... I still feel slow... weird ha....