Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Back from Croatia

I'm not too good at this blogging malarkey as can be seen from my general lack of blogging. So in future I will try and provide at least a weekly update as to how my training is going in the build up to the Kent 50 mile Challenge on 19 July. In fact I may not have mentioned this before now... so yes this is my next race following my first ultra in Marlborough which was hot on the hills on the London Marathon. I've definitely got the ultra bug... anyway training since Marlborough has been steady going. As I'm following the expert guidance of the Mad Dog (see http://www.training2run.com/) I'm not in control of what I do (so to speak)... The Mad Dog provides me with my weekly training schedule and I follow it... simple as that really. I think I would be doing far more mileage than I am currently doing had I being going it alone... but this is a good thing as I get the feeling the Mad Dog is easing me in gently to what will become higher mileage...

Was in Croatia with the family (got back today) - the family being my wife, 11.5 month daughter and the in-laws. Of course I took my trusty Asics Gel Trabuco off roaders with me and followed to the letter the Mad Dog schedule. This entailed a fast 6 milers on the Monday, rest Tuesday, 7 miler on the Wednesday which was suppose to be hill repeats (slow up and fast down), but I didn't find any hills that day... but I did stumble upon the largest naturist holiday resort (in the world apparently) just along the coast from where we were staying. It sounds better than it was in reality... with the average age of guest probably being about 70! all hanging a bit south!

anyway that was Wednesday. Thursday was a 6 miler where I did find a hill which I did 4 repeats on up and down. An old lady kept heckling me in the native tongue as I run past her several times... I guess she could of been saying "you go boy, well done keep it going", but I think it was probably more like "get the heck off my street you crazy lunatic". Friday was a rest day. and Saturday was the long run. A 10 miler through some beautiful Croatian countryside that followed the 'Eco Bike Vrsar-Lim Trail' starting in Vrsar (our resort) through the Kontija Forest out to Klostar and back. It was a lovely run and the miles just rolled on by... I wish there were more like that in Leighton Buzzard! (although the Grand Union canal is great too).

Anyway thats my week... I'm off to take part in the Microsoft Challenge tomorrow in North Wales with 5 other colleague in a multi-team event involving running, mountain biking and canoeing! So I better get some rest....

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