Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tribute to Nannie

Dad asked me if wanted to say a few words about Nannie. I've never been the sort of person to say no, so I said sure thing. Where do I get this positive attitude from.... Well from Nannie of course. Nannie had so many special qualities that made her the very special person that we love so dearly, so I wanted to share just a few of these with you all today.

I've already mentioned her ever so positive and sunny outlook on life. She really was a girl who rarely got down in the dumps about anything. Even when finding out that she had Cancer she didnt change or feel sorry for herself. 'What will be will be' was Nannie's attitude and outlook on life and she took everything in her stride.

And then there is Nannie's honesty! She told it how it was even if her views were a little too honest at times! One example that illustrates this ever so well is baby names. In the last 3 years of Nannie's life she became the proud great-grandmother of 5 great-grandchildren.

That's 'great' in both senses of the word. She was so proud. But what was especially hard was finding baby names that Nannie approved of! It became a bit of a game between Stephen, Caroline and I when naming our children to find a name that Nannie liked because if she didn't she told you! But her grandchildren are equally strong minded just like Nannie so she always came around.

And then there was the time when I bought Nannie a garden ornament for her patio in Worthing. Whilst unwrapping it she said 'I really hope it's not a pig'. Of course having said that it was indeed a pig! But she smiled, we all laughed and she said a geniune thankyou. She cared so much more for other peoples feelings than her own and always put others ahead of herself.

Another great characteristic was Nannie's dress sense and demeanor. She was a very elligant lady and always carried herself so well and quite effortlessly. Something I most definitely didn't inherit!

And then there is Nannie's culinary skills which were on a par with Jamie Oliver. She made the most amazing roast potatoes in the world which had a crunch to them that 'Granny Smith' would be jealous of! Unfortunately though Nannie takes her secret roast potatoe recipe to her grave so I won't be appearing on Dragons Den anytime soon.

Anyone who knew Nannie will know that she was an extremely independent lady. Her independence was so important to her and is what she lived for in many ways. After her fall last year she lost this independence and couldn't drive. But she was a very determined lady and fought hard to get back her independence and used this as motivation to recover and get back behind the wheel at the age of 89! This is a quality that I can see in both our children Lili and Jasper, both are independent and they also love charging around the house in their cars.

Lastly there was Nannie generosity. She was generous in so many ways. With her time, with her money and with her love for her family. My childhood memories of how she looked after Grandad with such love and devotion when I'm sure everyone else would have given up on him is testament to this love, generosity and commitment to her family. I asked Nannie the day before she died what she is going to say to Grandad when she sees him. She replied that she will tell him that they have 5 beautiful great-grandchildren. Family was everything to her and she was everything to us. We will miss her ever so much. Thank you Nannie for everything you have given us.


  1. Stu, that was a lovely tribute. Excuse my forthrightness but she was a beautiful woman too.

  2. Stuart. Your tribute said everything. I almost kept it together when you gave it! Thank you so much. Dad