Monday, 5 December 2011

St Albans XC race report

It was the third cross country fixture in the Chiltern League on
Saturday. The hosts for this one were St Albans Striders and a new
course at Veralium Park. It was a tough course with mud and hills!!
Just how XC should be. The format for the mens senior race was 3 x 3k

It rained the night before which made for perfect XC conditions. The
spikes were coming out! Bring it on. As far as the LBAC senior mens
team was concerned we were a little light. Many of our fastest runners
were enjoying themselves out in Lanzarotte at the Club La Santa
running champs. This left the rest of us to dig in and put in a
performance that will give the club a fighting chance in the 2
remaining fixtures to remain in League 1 - something we are confident
we can do.

The gun went and I was off. The start was sloping downhill and this
was a good opportunity to get early position before the first climb. I
was running far too fast for a 9k but who cares... no pain no gain.
The first up hill revealed the extent of the muddy conditions. Quite
frankly if you weren't wearing spikes you would have struggled to even
make I up the hill! It was that bad!! - meaning it was great ;-)

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  1. ....and? Don't leave us in suspense on the first uphill.