Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bedford Half race report

An extremely brief race report to cap 2012 (unless you count my
company Santa Dash on Wednesday that I'm organising).

Today was the Bedford Half Marathon. An insulating course with a few
good hills but some downs too! I had high hopes of finishing the year
with a PB but a bad chesty cough and cold all week meant I was toeing
the start line in less than ideal form. I was still intent in going
for it but wasn't sure what pace I was capable on.

Early on I recorded mile splits between 6:32 and 6:50 but by mid race
these had slipped to 7-7:10 pace and I was hanging on. Despite this I
gave it 110% and whilst knowing I wouldn't PB I still gave it
everything to record a descent time. Between mile 8 and 9 I was
starting to be passed. I had a choice: I could either continue to slow
down and watch as other disappeared into the distance or dig deep and
up my own pace. 2 chaps passed me with a lady tucked in right behind.
Immediately I made the decision to do the same and up my pace to stay
with them. I was putting in maximum effect to stay there but stay
there I did (for a while at least). When I finally lost them I picked
up another runner and used him to push on up the hills.

Mile 9 to 10 is all down hill and was great posting a 6:40 mile. The
final 3 miles are very flat. I was spent but still going. My final
mile was a 6:38 as I finished with a flourish and crossed the line in
1:29.52. Job done and great feeling that I didn't give up when I could
have easily have used feeling crap as an excuse for taking it easy

Roll on 2012... Which depending on whether I get a place in the UTMB
ballot which opens this Friday could be quite a year!!!


  1. Yes that was a typo! The course wasn't insulating but undulating!! Although could have done with some insulation to keep out the wind!

  2. Hopefully make it next year with you.