Sunday, 2 May 2010

who ever said running was a cheap...

... hadn't obviously read the Fellsman kit list!!

And with less than a week to go now I'm still buying bits and pieces to ensure I have everything I need to run the Fellsman. So far I have bought the following (mostly)mandatory items:

OS OL02 map - £8.99
OS OL30 map - £8.99
Waterproof trousers (Roclite mistpants) - £21
Plasters (Extreme from Boots) - £2.69
Batteries (Duracell Plus) - £2.99
collapsable mug - £8.99 (pure genius!!)
Sorren malt loaf (300g emergency rations) - £1
3 x SIS Go bars - £3.75
Survival Bag - £9.99
Waterproof jacket (North Face) - £59 (bargain reduced from £90!)
Inov-8 Roclite 295s - £72

Quite a list wouldn't you agree! the grand total £199.39 :-O (although I did get my roclites free with Wiggle 12hr prize :-)

So I think I have just about everything I need!! Just got to fit it all into my relatively compact backpak now!! Will post again to let you know how that goes!!


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  2. Hi Stu, I agree, in a stealthy manner running is quite an expensive business. You haven't even mentioned the expense of getting to a remote corner of small yorkshire ;¬)

  3. Sorry mate I twittered you earlier and asked about how you got on but didnt realise Fellsman was on the 9th :-)

    Wow that is quite a list! Where did you get North Face jacket from? I got mine from Decathlon, quite good actually.

    My list looks so similar for Lakeland 50 in July! So bloody expensive plus 50 quid for entry fee! What backpack have you got?

    Still debating on this one myself.

  4. Stu, the cost isn't that bad really. Some of it is a one-off purchase that should last for most of your running career. The most expensive consumable is shoes, but you got those free ;-)

  5. This post was a little in jest and I'm more than happy to spend every penny on the sport I love! bring it on :-)

    Richard - re backpak - it was actually from Decathlon store bought in Hungary on my hols. about £25! complete with hydration pak

  6. North Face jacket was a bargain from Cotswolds Outdoors. £90 reduced to £54 :-) just better keep me try. tried on lots of more expensive jackets inc Mountain Equipment firefox jacket but could justify spending £200 on something that weighs the same as an apple!

  7. erm.... that was 'dry' not try... :-)

  8. Thanks mate. I agree with you on the cost side of things. By the way I share the same coach as you :-) Got to say it revolutionised my training.

    Send me an email sometime be great to talk about future race plans and the Mad Dog :-)

  9. sure thing Richard. will do. although have to let you know that the Mad Dog ditched me in the new year. I learnt a lot from him, and he helped a great deal, but I did find it very hard to follow his strict schedule which if I deviated from (which I did on more than a few occasions) he wasn't best pleased. So we parted ways with Mike saying I was better off producing my own training plans. was gutted at the time but actually he was right. I still stick to the 4 runs per week principle with quality of quantity which is so important in my opinion, so far less danger of over-training. anyway... thats the story of mad dog. I now spend the money I save on gym membership instead!