Friday, 14 May 2010

Fellsman official results are in...

The official Fellsman results are in -

I finished in 80th position out of 297 finishers and there were also 104 non-finishers which for such good conditions out on course was a little surprising. Just goes to show what a tough event this is despite the dry weather. So I fnished in the top quarter which for my first Fellsman outing and feeling a little like a fish out of water on the fells is a great result. I'm already looking forward to next year, and wonder how much time I can knock off now that I'm familiar with the route and terrain. Perhaps sub 15hrs! :-D I can easily see this one becoming an annual event :-).

The winner Duncan Harris finished in 11 hrs which is an astonishing time made even more remarkable by the fact that he only took up running one and half years ago. His time on the fellsman last year was around the 14hr mark so to knock off over 3 hrs at that level is a super human effort.

Ok one more video clip to show you too. This one is on the approach to the Stonehouse checkpoint where pasta and hot tea was on offer. Notice how my mum actually catches up with me whilst shooting the video! And I thought I was going fast :-) hehe.

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  1. Fantastic report, pic and video Stu. I'm sure the skies the limit with your long distance speed... but 15hrs is an excellent target along the way.