Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fellsman video + pics

Breakfast...porridge and toast! (photo courtesy of Nick Ham)

And we are off! I'm hiker 210... (photo courtesy of Nick Ham)

Approaching checkpoint 2

Kit check at Stonehouse checkpoint

Pasta and a nice cuppa at stonehouse :-)

Rice pudding!!! and my dad who along with my mum provided fantastic support throughout the day

Setting off across the notorious Fleet Moss


  1. Great pics Stuart!

    I bet your feet appreciate the rest :-). What you got lined up next?

  2. Excellent pictures and video out on the course. It brings it all flooding back, but sunnier and drier than I'm used to.

  3. Forgot to say, I'm sure your parents' support was no more than moral, or else you'd be disqualified, no? ;-)

  4. hey Richard - I think i mentioned before. not much racing lined up other than the Adidas Thunder Run 24hr in July. Looking forward to that one as its sister event (wiggle 12hr) in march was a blast! probably fit in another training ultra-race between now and then too. How about you??

    Nick - yep morale booster only! I knew the rules re support and wasn't gonna get myself busted!

  5. Nice one Stu! I was tempted with the thunder run but have the Lakeland 50 race on July 23rd plus the North Downs 30k on June 20th. Still looking for one after Lakeland 50 but have not decided as of yet. Caesars Camp endurance 50 on October 9th is a good bet. My birthday is on 2nd so it could work out a great present :-)