Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ride Around London race report

Just completed the Ride Around London today on the ElliptiGO. It started at Herne Hill Verodrome (south london) with a 6:30 am start meaning being up for 4am! Ouch. It went south out to dorking way and over Box Hill and looped around North West though the home counties along nice country roads before heading East into Essex and finishing at the Olympic water park in Lee Valley.

It was 115 miles in total. I took it fairly steady and was riding with my friend Idai and fellow ElliptiGO owner. It was a good workout (the ElliptiGO always is!) and we completed it in 9.5 hours. Took the first 100 miles very easy and blasted the last 15. That included a few good sharp climbs which got the quads burning including Box hill. Not sure what all the fuss is about with that this hill though as it is neither steep or long, unlike the North Downs Way trail which ascends straight up the face. The road just winds its way up fairly undramatically.

All in all though a very good workout and perfect long run training for snowdonia marathon in 1 month time.


  1. Oh, is SNOD only 1 month away? I haven't started training yet.
    Well done on another serious ElliptiGO workout. Have you had to buy new trousers yet to fit your quads into?
    I'll see you in Llanberis.

  2. Indeed it is Nick!!! Training seems to be going pretty well so I'm eyeing up a PB in Snowdonia! Gonna hurt like hell but hey that's what marathon running is all about... Hopefully I will still be able to enjoy the views! Looking forward to banter and drinks in evening at Padern Lake Hotel too. It seems that the whole SNOD RW forum is turning up there!!