Saturday, 10 September 2011

Leighton Tough 15!

Ouch that hurt! After two weeks of setting PBs over the 10 mile distance I upped the distance to 15 miles Saturday morning on the same hilly road course. The plan over the next few weeks is to get up to 20 miles but essentially maintain the speed.

Today though was 15 and I planned to try and maintain a 7 mpm pace over the whole distance. And it worked out well although it was a pain fest towards the end especially as I had to make up the distance to get to 15 miles by going up and down the steepest hill of the course 3 times! Oh and my garmin also decided at 13.31 miles that the memory was full so I couldn't capture the final 1.7 miles. Slightly annoying but hey the main thing is the training not the numbers! My run courtesy Garmin Connect is below.

This was my toughest fast run to date, and I don't think I've pushed myself this hard for a while, which is exactly what I need if I'm gonna perform in the Snowdonia marathon (SNOD). The course profile for SNOD is below!

I was also trying out my new Adidas Ride 3 road shoes for the first time. They provide good support for a cushioned shoe but the right shoe rubbed on the back of my heel soon into the run, so I'm not sure whether to take back to Sweatshop straight away of put it down to 'new shoe syndrome' and give them time to break in. If I do that though its doubtful I could take them back.


  1. Please do not set yourself up for a fall. Looking at the official course profile and the hill you refer to (on facebook) is in one direction:

    A 5 meter climb over 0.4miles and running it in the other direction a 12.59 meter climb over 1.6miles

    I'm only saying this because if mentally you are setting your mind on what is in truth no more than a bump you may find negativity setting in on a true hilly course.

    Good luck with the round Snowden race

  2. off course I accept I could have the wrong hill lol

  3. Haha no worries I'm under no illusions that the hills in LB aren't quite what awaits me in snowdonia. However hill training is about the totality of your training over many weeks not just one session or indeed one hill on a particular run. So hopefully by doing all my long runs on the hillest course in my local area this will help... bring em on :-)

  4. Thats fast going for that kind of distance. Think its those kind of runs that made me decided to stop road racing and take it easier on the trails - using the excuse of distance haha.

    Shoes will probably be ok, I've had the same rubbing before from various make and model of shoe, but it seems to stop after a few runs.