Friday, 15 July 2011

NDW100 Belt Buckle

NDW100 race director James Elson has just released a photo of the NDW100 1 day belt buckle which he has had especially designed!!! And she's an absolute beaut!! Who WOULDN'T run a 100 miles to get their hands on one of these :-)

For those that aren't familar with the US tradition - all 100 milers in the States have a prized and sort after belt buckle for all finishers. Often one for sub 24 hr finishers and another for finishing within the total course cutoff. James has brought this tradition to the UK for the first time and I for one am stoked at the prospect! As you can probably tell ;-)


  1. N I C E! That is one piece of artwork not previously seen on these shores unless imported by a proud owner. He's taken a leaf out of Western States I can tell.

  2. That buckle has made me check out the website and I find myself strangely drawn. If Box Hill is the biggest climb it can't be too difficult, can it? That happens to be a weekend off for me (though it was going to be a recovery weekend). I'm feeling strange urges. Please help me.

  3. Oorrhhh strange urges... That sounds dangerous Nick!!! especially knowing you!!!... sandwiched between LL1000 and UTMB... seriously!? Well I'm not going to talk you in to it or out of it!!! But if you are game I'll be right behind you!! (or in front ;-) hehe. Seriously though be great to see you there. Honestly though just saying that if it was me (and we are quite different in or approach to racing!!) and I had LL100 and UTMB and wouldn't even be considering this one! BUT IT IS A VERY NICE BELT BUCKLE :-D

    I will email you to see how you're doing... Could even use that thing that sits in the corner of my living room with a wire coming out of it and talk to you!!!

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