Monday, 18 July 2011

Meeting the legend Dean Karnazes!!

I thought meeting Dean Karnazes at The North Face Covent Garden store for a book signing was well worth a quick post!! He is after all an ultra running legend and it was his first book 'Ultra Marathon Man' that awoke my true spirit for running and the realisation that running long was where the challenge and true fulfilment could be found. And he has inspired 1000s of people the world over in a similar way. 

I wouldn't say I was starstruck when meeting him but I did fumble around for all the questions that I had ready for him. He was really cool and very down to earth. I joked around with him for over 10 minutes talking about all things ultra and ElliptiGO related. About my trip to San Francisco (his hometown) and my run in the Marin Headlands which is where Dean trains. He signed my copy of his new book RUN - 'To Ultradiscostu, Never stop exploring! May the wind be at your back... Dean Karnazes 2011. 

To meet such an inspirational guy like Dean who recently completed the transcontinental run across the States from West to East coasts (3,000 miles in 75 days) was a great moment, and one I will remember and pull out whenever I need a moment of inspiration on the trails. The icing on the cake was the great photo of me and Dean which will adorn my blog page for some time I'm sure!!  

His next challenge is to run a marathon in every recognised UN country in the world in one year! That's over 200 marathons. If I were him and had the opportunities like he does to take on such awesome adventures I know I wouldn't think twice! Go for it Dean! You continue to inspire :-)


  1. Hew Stu, you've met the man who inspired both of us. You've touched his right shoulder and he's touched my right shoulder. When we next meet we should touch each other's right shoulders and the circle will be complete. The ultra running world won't know what's hit it.
    Paste the following into your address bar and depress the carriage return.

  2. Lol. You gotta love the vest Dean was wearing in your pic! Not a lot of people could carry that off :-D what a legend!