Friday, 31 December 2010

The year in numbers

So 2010 is almost finished with just four hours left of the year as I write this. So it must be time once again to get all reflective on what the year has served up. I have to say it has surpassed all my expectations. Words don't always cut it, and I can ramble on at times so instead here are a few numbers to sum up my year of running.

1681 miles ran (just 39m more than in 2009)

155 total number of runs (28 less than in 2009)

108 longest run (miles) (Adidas 24hr Thunder Run)

32.3 average weekly mileage

10.8 average run in miles (avg 9 in 2009)

23:30.51 longest time on feet (hh:mm:ss - Adidas Thunder Run)

6 the number of seconds that I was over my 3:30 marathon target in London! argh

1000 amount £ raised for PACE centre at Royal Parks Half Marathon

120 highest weekly mileage

55 longest training run

1:27.51 half marathon PB

3 average number of runs per week

168,000 number of calories burnt (100 cal per mile avg for male)

569 number of McDonalds cheeseburgers I could have eaten (295 cal each)!

1953 or the number of chocolate digestive biscuits... hhmmm yum yum!

220 number of loops completed on my local 440yrd track in a single training run

5 number of ultras completed

369 total number of miles covered in the 5 ultras

1 number of ultras won (Lightning 12hr)

A few pics of my highlights in 2010
London Marathon 2010 (perhaps shaving would have made all the difference!)

Wiggle Lightning 12 hr

Adidas 24hr Thunder Run

Royal Parks Half Marathon PB

Leighton Santa Dash

ROLL ON 2011!!

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  1. Like the report style Stu, I reckon some of your numbers will be similar to mine (although I certainly never won anything!). Best of luck in 2011, what's up next?