Sunday, 26 December 2010

ElliptiGO maiden voyage

The snow had cleared enough on the roads to take my elliptigo out for the first time. It was a short journey over to my mum and dads for boxing day lunch. I had already run 8 miles in the morning so my legs were warmed up nicely for this ride. First Impressions - it's a workout!! unlike a conventional bike which makes it feel like the miles are going past effortlessly on the elliptigo you really do feel like you are working out! The sense of this will be heightened by the fact that it was my first ride and thus the body and muscles aren't use to this different type of work out.

Technically the elliptiGO is a fine machine. It's solidly built with some high performance components including the shimano alfine 8 gear internal hub. Features conventional breaking system and steering column. The fine with the elliptigo is that it doesn't feel exactly like running nor cycling. It is a unique feeling. The makers say that it takes a while to get really use it to the point where you don't need to think what you are doing.

Even my ride back from the folks felt smoother and more at ease than he ride there. And this was in the dark utilising my new cateye light got for Christmas.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to getting to grips with the elliptigo in 2011. I plan to enter a few events. This includes getting my name enrolled on the official elliptigo century club list which is reserved for the first 100 riders to complete an offical 100 mile race.

Watch this space for updates on my progress and further thoughts on how I integrate it into my training.

Merry Christmas people.

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