Sunday, 7 November 2010

ElliptiGO test ride!

Went out today on one of the first test rides of the ElliptiGO in the UK!! What an awesome machine and a complete unique riding experience. It's similarities with a conventional bike end after the handle bars and two wheels. Everything else feels quite different, from the high upright standing position, to the way that the legs operate it. It's basically running on a bike with no impact. It's 100s times better than an elliptical trainer in the gym... whilst I do use one because they are static they get dull quite quickly. On an elliptiGO however you are constantly on the go and I had a grin on my face nearly as long as the ElliptiGO itself! (nearly 2mtr in length). In terms of getting a work out - it's great. I was out for over an hour and we (me and Idai Makaya (the European manager) )covered 11.5 miles - we were taking it easy (avg speed 10mph). the legs felt it (slightly) after that but the arms definitely so! So an all over body workout. And cos you are constantly balancing upright it works the mid area and core muscles too to thought.

This is a really fun machine and it looks awesome too but underneath the bold green paint (also comes in black or blue) it is a serious bit of kit. Technologically it's pretty advanced - with it's all aluminium frame, carbon fibre drive arms - the bit you stand on that connect to the crank arms which drive the shimano 8-speed hub gear set. This allows for good speed on the flat (although not as fast as a road bike) and serious climbing ability on the hills. Words really can't describe the ride experience because it is so unique so if you are intriged then go try one for yourself!

Am I sold on it...? I reckon so but I will have to find £2,000 first to make it mine :-O However even before the ride i was sold on the concept and riding one has convinced me! I will integrate it into my ultra training by riding the 45 mile round trip to work. At first once a week, but perhaps 2-3 times as the days get longer. This way i get all the training benefits of high mileage but none of the high impact issues and injuries that result from running all the time.

 It's not yet released in this country but a cargo container is bound from Taiwan to the UK as we speak. The guys at ElliptiGO are expecting to have it on sale direct by December. My name will be on the waiting list. The only remaining decision is do I go for Green, Black or Blue!? Hhhmmmmm decisions decisions....

My thanks to Idai who took time out of his Sunday to take me for the 1hr test ride. Cheers. I hope you have loads of success with the ElliptioGO once it hits the UK (online) highstreet.

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  1. so, any idea where I could officially get this in the UK?