Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Club Stag Run

Time had come around once again for the club stag run. I dread it and look forward to it at the same time. It's 2.5 miles at full tilt with a staggered start based on ability and points awarded from 25 down to 1 for 1st place to 25th.

In short it was hard work from start to finish but that's the point as you chase down one runner after another. Mile 1 was a 5.34, mile 2 a 5.39 and the last half mile run at 5.38 pace. Finishing time 14.04. A new PB by 15 seconds over last season's final race where I took the stag title. Can I do it again... Probably not as to keep improving from that tome for the rest of the season is gonna be tough if not impossible. But hey with 23 pts on the score board there is always hope :-)

Stag race times:

09/10 stag 1 - 15.29
09/10 stag 2 - 15.04
09/10 stag 3 - 14.54
09/10 stag 4 - 14.31
09/10 stag 5 - 14.19
10/11 stag 1 - 14.04

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