Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Speed training begins

I'm writing this on the train on way back from London and wanted to fill the time. So not perhaps the most thrilling of intros or reasons for a post but let's see where it takes us. 

So the brooks green silence running shoes arrived on Saturday and I couldn't wait to try them out having never wore a flat racer before. So Monday lunchtime saw me don them and head out for a quick blast along the very familar 5 mile out and back from work accompanied by my colleague Dave.

My first impressions were how amazingly light they were. Not just a bit lighter than what I'm use to, but like i wasnt even wearing shoes at all. I knew I would be sacraficing cushioning and a certain amount of protection for this but they were extremely comfortable and felt right. 

We had intended in doing a session at 7mpm but the garmin was playing up and wasn't picking up the satellites. So we cruised along at a fair old click. Only when the garmin decided to work did we realise it was sub 6:30 pace. Blimey i didnt know i was still capable of such speeds after a summer of ultras. It felt good though so we didn't adjust the pace. it quickened further and we soon found ourselves running sub 6s (mainly because Dave doesnt know how to run any other way). I hadn't being running at that pace for months!... Was I losing the ultra shuffle!? 

The brooks continued to feel great and so was I. I always find the hard runs mighty satisfying and this one especially so, giving me a glimmer of hope that perhaps sub 1:30 is attainable at the royal parks half in 4 weeks time. Only time will tell but I plan to do plenty more of these sessions between now and then plus some intervals and hill sessions. I guess the trail shoes are staying in the cupboard for now. 


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  1. Sounds like it's all clicking together mate.

    Sound like great shoes. I checked them out myself and looks crazy cool and eco-friendly to boot.

    Hows the training schedule looking for the Royal Parks half?