Monday, 16 August 2010

A short long run...

A very short long run report this week as I covered just 7.5m in my first run since the TR24. It unsurprisingly felt laboured and slow but I thoroughly enjoyed being back out there nevertheless. At an average of just 10.5 minute miling this was the recovery run I needed after the 111m epic.

My route took me through the small villages of Little Billington and Slapton (nicer than it sounds I promise) which was all on road. From Slapton you can join the Grand Union canal which (turning right) winds it way back to Leighton Buzzard across open fields and woodland. It made for a very nice Sunday morning run and I felt better for it (you always do).

I was very concerned going into this run that my left foot was not fully repaired post TR24 however post run it feels fine. The problem however is that my right foot is now grumbling just a little. I was going to run this lunchtime (Monday) but thought better of it and rested the foot instead. I could really be doing without this with the Ridgeway85 less than 2 weeks away now but must listen to the signs that more recovery is needed.

Going to the gym tomorrow for some low impact work on the legs. I'm 100% sure I will start the ridgeway race but how fit I will be with effectively a month inbetween, with little running remains to be seen. What I dont want to do though is miss out on the opportunity of 3 qualifying points for UTMB which whilst a world away from what I'm currently running (i'm under no illusions of that) is a future event on the calendar that greatly excites me at the prospect of running.

Perhaps in 2011 or 2012 or just when life allows...

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  1. Well the main thing is to rest now and have some smallish runs because your legs already have the mileage. If you bag the 3 points that would be great. I have targeted UTMB for 2012 as I want to do a 100 miler in the UK first (Houseman 100 - )

    I know exactly how you feel. I went out for an easy 8 miler on Saturday and struggled a lot. Although not my first run since Grimsthorpe 70 I felt tired, hips ached and quads felt heavy.

    Going out again tonight for another run but I am under no illusions that the Grim70 took a lot out more out of me than I realised plus having late nights at work hasnt helped. I pulled out of the Ridgeway race some months back due to the fact the G70 race was in close proximity to it and in hindsight I think it was a wise decision.

    I'm sure though if you take thing easy between now and then the body will cope :-). Good luck mate.