Monday, 23 August 2010

Do I or don't I ?...

I just cannot make up mind about Saturdays race.  The issue is still the foot which is not 100% but also my entry into the Royal Parks half marathon in October. My running club had a place going which I jumped at. However this now means that I have a very limited space of time to get fit for that race if I'm to post a good time. 1:31 is my PB and I want to go sub 1:30. So i guess I need to ask what is more important as it's very unlikely I can compete in the Ridgeway, survive and be fit for Royal Parks. Hhmmmm decisions decisions. Perhaps I should just run the half as a marker (whilst also running ridgeway) with the goal to then train properly thereafter to hit my target later in the year. Who ever thought running would be this complicated! I certainly didn't sign up for this. Unfortunately i'm the type of person that wants it all which isn't going to change so I guess I will just have to suck it and see, and in hindsight realise that yep you can't !!

I've just got home too and waiting on the door step is my sponsored running vest from PACE for the Royal Parks half. Is this a sign I wonder...


  1. Stu. Only you know how bad your foot is. That aside, if it were me I would have done the Ridgeway without any concern about it influencing my fitness for a race two months later. I've proven to myself many times that easing off the events even for a couple of weeks to aid so-called recovery is counterproductive and results in a worse performance than if I'd kept up the weekly pushing of the limits on a biggie. I'd do the High Peak 40 as well. There'd still be a month to return to full strength from that. (Yes, I'm even greedier than you are.) You may need to ease off the other training sessions during the week to compensate for the occasional event overload. I'm always event overloaded; they are my training.

  2. Absolutely up to you mate as Nick has said. We all want our cake and eat it as runners but sometimes we just need to remember why we are running and what our goals are.

    Everyone is an experiment of one so of course only you can decide :-)

  3. Hey chaps thanks for your insight. I guess we are all the same which is why we put ourselves through it again and again. I'm not gonna pass up the opportunity to run the ridgeway so am 100% doing it. I guess it was perhaps pre race nerves :-) I think I'm mentally in the right space now so guess the rest will take care of itself. I'd better get planning for Saturday. Cheers guys

    nick - I think HP40 will be one race too many. I simply don't have the recovery skills that you possess. I still feel way off pace after TR40 which was almost 4 weeks ago now. so post ridgeway it's short and fast only (once recovered)