Tuesday, 23 February 2010

water, mud and slush...

well what a week of running and its only tuesday! On saturday (technically last week) I run from home to Woburn Abbey Estate. An 18 mile round trip along the Greensands ridge walk trail. a great trail made even better (i think) by all the snow and mud! glorious. somehow though I thought I had ran further than I did which is always a little annoying. But a good workout. Highlight was the sight of a strange looking animal (and whole herd of them actually!) that I had never come across in my life! With its big sticky up ears was a funny sight! But I had no idea what it was. It turns out I was in the deer park and face to face with the Barasingha or Swamp Deer as it is also known. see here for a photo - http://www.woburn.co.uk/abbey/deer-park/ a great place!

Monday was the return of the snow and slush! yuk. the normal lunchtime jault turned into a slush fest with the feet sodden wet but I was still smiling (just). A big kick for home (or work as it was) certainly got the heart pumping at the end. So much so that I could feel it in my lungs for the rest of the afternoon!

Tuesday (today) was my first outing with the BRE training recruits bidding to get a place on the BRE UK challenge team. This all sounds very serious I know but its not so... The Uk challenge take place in June (last year was the Microsoft challenge) and consists of 4 days of running, biking, canoeing and generally being up at all hours chasing shadows in the dark in a bid to score maximum points. A great team event. We placed 16th last year out of 100 teams so pressure is on to go better this year. You can read all about last year in my epic blog post in june 09.

anyway back to today. it was another drenching with the rain and snow still falling and the rivers swelling beyond bursting point making for an extremely enjoyable run with 9 or so others. We even threw in a few hard hill reps before the finish through waist high sub zero waters. nice!

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