Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another 10 miles in the bag...

It was a 10 miler for me today in Bricket Wood just next to where I work. I certainly never take my job foregranted in that I can go out for such runs at lunchtime and get back after 1h45m with not so much as a look from colleagues. Of course they know all about my running exploits so probably just think... oh he's at it again...why does he do it! if only they knew...

So back to the run. Well I told myself that this was just going to be a slowish/steady run and that I certainly wouldn't push the pace. And it did start that way as I moved at a steady 7.48 pace for the first mile. But that was more to do with the fact that I had road shoes on and was slipping all over the place in the mud. My shiny new white trainers didn't stay shiny or white for very long. However I felt good and so slowly pushed the pace on a bit, and then a bit more and a bit more... The result was mile splits of 7.35, 7.52 (hill), 7.26, 7.00, 6.51, 6.56, 6.55, 6.54, 6.40, Total avg pace of 7.12 which for all the mud and little grip felt pretty good.

Quality over quantity is definitely paying off. And I'm hopeful that my half marathon PB attempt on 7th March @ the MK Half is looking good :-)

Interval session tomorrow :-O

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