Friday, 13 April 2018

2 days until Brighton Marathon - #goodshepherdcommunitybusproject

It's Friday evening with just two sleeps until the Brighton Marathon 2018. Not packed yet, nor have I even decided what shoes I'm gonna wear on race day! They will of course be Altra but which pair or the four pairs that I own has yet to be decided!! But ensuring I do the important things first like carb loading, social media and fundraising :-) and that's really the reason for this post! Well that and showing off my photo shop skills and new LBAC Club vest :-)

If you can spare a few quid I'd be so so grateful. I'm raising money for a local youth worker to support the kids on our estate. It's a Church project that I'm leading on with others in our Church team. We are determined to make a difference and provide a space for teenagers to feel safe. The #goodshepherdcommunitybusproject will do just this so please support me if you can.

I'm also personally match funding every donation made up until I cross the finishline which I hope will be exactly 12.44pm (and a 2.59 marathon :-)

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