Saturday, 21 May 2016

Introducing the Wild Atlantic Way ElliptiGO Challenge 17-24 June 2016

God has given everyone a talent and a recent talk by Paul at the Church of the Good Shepherd spoke of the unique gifts that we all possess and how we should use these to serve others. But I sat there thinking well I can't sing, I can't play an instrument, and I don't bake. However it seems God has given me a talent in endurance sports. I like to ride my bike and I’ve been known to ride it quite far. I've also raised £1000s for charities in the past through my marathon running. So why not combine these two gifts to give back to the Church.
On 17 June I'll be embarking on an epic 1,400 mile ride around the West coast of Ireland following the Wild Atlantic Way. I'll be riding for up to 20 hours and covering 200 miles per day whilst getting no more than 2 hours sleep a night if I’m lucky. It may also surprise you that my bike has no saddle! So I'll be standing for the entire time effectively 'running' on my ElliptiGO bike. It will be a spectacular journey and test me both physically and mentally, to, and potentially beyond, my limits. I really don't know if I can do it. What I do know is that I cannot do this alone and I need YOUR SUPPORT. I would love everyone reading this to be inspired and do two things:
1.     Please donate whatever you can at
2.     Discover your talent! What are you good at and how can you use your gift to support your local church, or other local community groups and good causes

You can track my progress live online from 17 June at

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