Friday, 27 March 2015

ElliptiGO Chiltern 100 PBP training ride recap

Quick recap of last weekend's PBP training ride. I write these posts on my phone early in the week but it seems never get around to posting them until the Friday....

This one was more unusual as I made a last minute decision to ride through the night on Friday. So after a full day at work, getting the kids to bed, and then a social with the running club out bowling on Friday evening I returned home at 11:30pm got kitted up and went straight out into the night for a 100 miler. This was great mental training for PBP because on a multi-day continuous event you are going to be feeling far from fresh or even like getting back on the bike.

Chiltern 100 route
I actually really enjoyed the ride on what was a clear night as I rode around the hilly Chiltern 100 route with its infamous 20 or so climbs. It was uneventful except for the badger who darted out from the undergrowth and gave me a heart attack. Not sure what it is about night rides... whilst they are quiet and peaceful my heart rate is always one or two beats higher as I anticipate what might jump out at me. Other wildlife spotted was an owl, deer, foxes and rabbits. In fact I think they outnumbered the number of cars I saw on the entire route.

The 104 miles took exactly 9 hours including a few stops to take on some food. The Watlington bus shelter was a particular highlight as I enjoyed a chicken wrap and Starbucks takeout frappacino. I didn't feel exhausted or tied at the end of it which bodes well. And then it was a full day with the family before I finally crashed out around 9pm on Saturday night.

It's the Dean 300k starting tomorrow (Saturday) at 6am in Oxford heading west to Ross on Rye and back. I'll be joined by 5 others on ElliptiGO's so despite the rain and high winds forecast it still promises to be a great ride.

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