Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Workplace Challenge win


For the last 8 weeks I've been logging my rides and runs on the Workplace Challenge Website. They were hosting the Summer Challenge which was a Hertfordshire based online challenge targeting Herts workers to get Active and log any exercise they have done. All based on points gained for the different activities and intensity of the workouts you logged. 400 people took part.

And guess what!? I won the Challenge :-) I didn't even know there was an individual prize but for my troubles (and it was no trouble at all) I won a £50 Amazon Voucher. As you can see from the final leaderboard below I won by just 844 points so it literately went down to my final run on Sunday which was the final day of the challenge. I was going to go out for 2hrs but it ended up being a 4 hour run thanks to a great trail I found in Györ, Hungary where I'm holidaying right now.

Final standings in the Herts Workplace Summer Challenge

Travelled quite a few miles and saved some CO2 too

Simple form to complete on the website each time you complete some exercise

Sunday*s run in Hungary that bagged me the win :-)

The next Challenge which has already started is the Team England Commonwealth Games Challenge so get logging those runs, cycle rides and whatever else you do.

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