Monday, 19 November 2012

Track marathon

So what do you do three weeks after the Snowdonia marathon having got a new PB? Well run another marathon of course but with a difference...

I got up Sunday morning and to be honest was struggling to motivate myself for my usual long run. I didn't have anything specific planned and was wavering between staying in bed, playing with the children or going out for a slow plod. But I soon realised i needed something more to motivate me outside. So as a spare of the moment decision decided to hit the local track (an oval concrete path) which measures exactly 1/4 mile and run a marathon  (105 laps) Not only this but i also decided to really go for it and have a crack at my recent new PB. I would be a millionaire if i had a quid everytime someone has said how quick i could go if i ran a 'proper' marathon. What they mean by this is 'flat'. And so here was my chance to prove them right or wrong however you chose to look at it. More so though i was just doing this coz i thought it would be fun and a good mental challenge as well as physical.

There were of course no pre-race nerves or preparation. No worrying about what to eat for breakfast or whether I've drunk enough or too much. No dwelling over what to wear. No gels. Just me in my usual Sunday kit and two bottles of drink. Sometimes it the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure and this was one of those days.

My strategy was very simple. Aided by my Garmin i was to set out at 3hr pace and simply hold on. Without the pressure of screwing up in a big race i was free to take a risk and just see what i was capable of.

I'm not going to wax lyrical about the 105 laps around the track because there is little to say that will excite. I think my splits tell the story below. I completed the distance in 3:06.36. 11 minutes quicker than Snowdonia :-) i was thrilled with this result and really pleased with the equal effort i put into this run. Its amazing what you can achieve if you simply let yourself. It maybe unofficial but i think i had something to prove to myself on Sunday morning that i could run the kind of times that others have expected of me. All along i have said that i don't care about time but after a while it does grate on you a little especially when others can't relate a hilly marathon time like Snowdonia to a pancake flat London. And with that I can worry no more... Accept of course when 'they' will now say well.that not official so you have to prove yourself in a proper race now... That's road runners for you!!!!

Mile splits:
6:58,6:46,6:47,6:51,6:54,6:58,6:55,7:00,6:55,7:02,7:07,7:11,7:13,7:04,6:55,7:05,7:20,7:16,7:20,7:15,7:27,7:19,7:24,7:34,7:30,7:14,6:26 (last 0.2 miles).


  1. Phew. You're an animal. There's no more to be said.

  2. Amazing effort!! I love the bit that says that it's amazing what you can do if you just let yourself. Very motivating. Thanks Stu.