Tuesday, 7 August 2012

North Downs Way 100 pre race preparation

Well this is it... The North Downs Way 100 is this weekend! :-) Just 6 weeks after my DNF on the South Downs Way. One might imagine that I've been getting in the miles and training extra hard in this interim period to improve my chances of a finish and fast time. Well actually I've taken a competely different tact and essentially done a 6 week taper. During this period I've run just once and that was down to the bike shop to pick up my new Trek. Instead I've been logging some major mileage on my ElliptiGO. Over 600 'no impact' miles since the SDW. This included a 100 mile event which I completed with 6 other ElliptiGO riders which was great fun. Those 600 ElliptiGO miles translate to 220 'running' miles which by my reckoning should therefore see me in good form come the start line on Saturday.

So instead I beating myself up and wasting precious energy going into NDW I'm feeling strong and fresh and am hoping that my cross-training strategy will pay off. By pay-off I mean that: 1 - I will finish. 2 - that the wheels don't fall off after 70 miles, and 3 - possibly go sub 24hrs. I would dearly love another '1 day 100 miles' belt buckle to add to the two I already have. The SDW was an inevitable blip on my ultra running record and I hope that I can puts things right in 5 days time. But whatever happens I WILL FINISH!

You can follow the race live on www.centurionrunning.com with updates at every aid station.


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