Sunday, 17 June 2012

SDW100 training update

Its just 2 weeks until the SDW100 - my 2nd 100 of 4 in the Centurion Running Grand Slam 2012. Preparation and training has been going well within the time I can commit to training. In the last three weekends I have done a 42 miler, 30 and 41 so i'm pleased with that. The 41 miler was on the Friday which was a test run for the SDW and all the kit I would take. This included the treking poles which I used for the first time. They take a little getting use to but after that felt like they were helping to manage speed and form. But its on the climbs where they really excel and I'm hoping will make the difference on the big climbs on the South Downs Way. I set off at 7pm on Friday and the plan was simple - to run an out and back from my house joining the Ridgeway national trail turning around after 6 hrs. It was a good run/walk and everything I took worked really well. This included the bladder which will replace the hand held bottles which arent an option with the poles. I also invested recently in some new The North Face shorts and Tech T 'better than naked' series which are awesome. The shirt stays so dry.

I also tested my pacing strategy for the SDW which is to run 25mins and walk 5mins from the start. This I hope will keep me going far longer and more consistently at an even pace without the dreaded 'ultra plod' through the night. Not much more to say really other than that - I'm really looking forward to it and feeling like a 100 PB is on the cards. The terrain may dictate this to a certain extent but sub 22hrs would be great and sub 21hrs simply awesome. Not sure I'm anywhere near fit enough to get near the 20hr mark especially after James Elson (CR race director) said this would likely put me top 10. A little too ambitous I feel (but you never know what will transpire out there).

Tapering for 2 weeks now as the legs are fatigued from the recent long run. I will continue to ride the ElliptiGO to work once a week which is a 60mile round trip and a fantastic workout.


  1. Will be seeing you in a couple of weeks, if only at the start. I'm going to attempt a sub 24

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  3. What poles are you using Stu?