Saturday, 11 February 2012

2012 - the year of 100s....

A quick post to tell you news of my new goals for 2012.

With the dissapointment of not getting into UTMB this year I've taken my time to decide what to do with my year. The original focus for winter/spring training was the MK marathon at the end of April with the goal of a sub 3hr (extremely ambitous but I thought I was keen to give it ago). However since then my focus has returned to Ultras!! Its been far too long! My first decision was to enter the Fellsman which falls on the same weekend as the MK marathon. The fellsman is an awesome event in the Yorkshire moors. 61 miles with 11,000ft of climbing. I thoroughly enjoyed it in 2010 and am returning for more.

But what else to do... I'm extremely impressed with the passion and commitment of race director James Elson and his new venture Centurion Running - he put on their first Ultra event and my first proper 100 last summer - North Downs Way 100 (NDW100). It was an awesome event and I want more of that!! So just 3 days ago and after seeing a Facebook post from James on the Centurion Running page I've decided to run their first 100 miler of the year - Thames Path 100. This is just 3 weeks away!!! haha. Some spare places have come up in this race (I presume a few of the 250 registered runners have since dropped out). So I've gotta be real quick and grab one of these places when they become available.

This then got me thinking about the other two 100s that Centurion Running are organising in June - South Downs Way 100 and in August - NDW100. Wouldn't it be cool if I entered and run all three!!!! And less than 15 minutes later this is exactly what I did!! So that's what I've got on my plate over the coming months. With also the possibility of a fourth 100 miler sometime later in the year. oh and a return to the Snowdonia marathon at the end of October.

So in summary my 2012 race calendar looks like this:
03/04 March - Thames Path 100 (Richmond to Oxford)
28/29 April - Fellsmans (Yorkshire Moors)
30-1 July - South Downs Way 100 (Winchester to Eastbourne)
11-12 August - North Downs Way 100 (Farnham, Surrey to Wye, Kent)
29 October - Snowdonia Marathon
??? - 4th 100 miler somewhere......

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