Sunday, 1 January 2012

‎2011 in numbers...

Just 110 runs in 2011 covering 1,174 miles and averaging 11 miles per run (23 miles per week). Amazing this is only 2 runs on average per week.

My longest run was 101 miles and the shortest just 1 mile (on a treadmill). I only run 7 Ultras in the entire year and three of these were training runs (28m, 50k, 50k, 33.5m, 44m, 57m, 101,).

I burnt a total of 140,880 calories which is equivalent to munching through 478 mcdonalds cheeseburgers!! WOW that puts it in some perspective and makes you realise why we have such an obesity problem in the UK.

On the ElliptiGO I covered 2,467 miles in the year over 55 rides. averaging 45 miles per ride. This include the Chiltern100 which was actually 110 miles, and the Ride Around London which was 115 miles. Its not known exactly how many calories are burnt riding the ElliptiGO but it estimated to be around 2/3 of those when running. So that another 195,000 calories! Or 394 Big Macs!! :-O

So what can I read into these numbers. Well my first observation is how little running I've done during 2011. 2 runs per week was a bit of a shock. However the main factor in this has to be the cross-training on the ElliptiGO which I've thoroughly enjoyed and will continue into 2012. But I would still like to increase my running ever so slightly to get fitter, stronger and faster! I'm a big believer in quality over quantity though so think a average of 3 runs per weeks would be a very sensible and achievable target and should hopefully pay dividends.

Happy 2012 to everyone. May the wind be on your back!

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