Monday, 16 May 2011

Baby business sorted... Hello ElliptiGO...

It's been a long while since my last post mainly because time has demanded other things of me than telling the world about my non-descript running and ElliptIGO'ing exploits. The birth of Jasper 4 weeks yesterday has of course meant a change in priorities with running taking a back step. But actually I stopped logging any significant milage off the back of the Lightning12hr qnd didn't want to run too much since then, not with any real focus anyway.

In April I recorded just one 5 mile run but more than made up for it on the ElliptiGO with over 300 miles logged. It's such a blast to ride and have been upping the mileage on the GO in the build upto the Chiltern100 cycle sportie which is on 5th June. It's actually 111 miles and climbs 21peaks across the Chilterns. This past Sunday saw me get in my longest training ride to date. I'd previously got up to 50 miles in training using the Chiltern100 route as my training ground to get use to the mega steep climbs. I covered 71 miles on Sunday morning setting off at ridiculous-o'clock (5am) so as to get back by 10 ish and not eat into Sunday family time. The route itself is great mainly on nice long winding country roads which are not too beat up (the ElliptiGO hates rutts and poor roads as do I as it sends uncomfortable vibrations up the steerig column and had he foot plates jumping around).

I've covered the 50 mile route four or so times now so have become very ascustomed to the route and each climb and what gear I would need for each and even when I need to change up and down in the climb. A cycling/ElliptiGOing/hill climbing machine of sorts! The climbs are steep, and some long too. The steepest at 14% incline but most averaging 8-10% + I would say. Early on it's not bad at all and the ElliptiGO climbs so well and with ease (all things considered) that you think you could go all day. But of course fatigue changes all that and on this 71mile out and back route the hills on the return leg started to test me. I was fuel depleted too as my schedule bottle change in Chinnor village didn't happen as the village was COMPLETELY closed for business. Ok it was 7:30am on a Sunday morning but I had at least expected a sleepy village newsagent to be open. No luck there which meant that I had to survive (it turned out) 52 miles on about 500 ml of enegy drink plus my energy bar. On a flat course no problem but the hills... Did I tell you about the hills!! Oh yes I think I did ;-)

So all in all a very good training ride. 71 miles covered in 5hrs5mins averaging 14mph. On a conventional bike this will sound truly pedestrian but believe me when I say that the ElliptiGO is far from conventional. And did I mention the hills. 

Ok that's it from me tonight. When I get on a real computer (typing this on iPod) I will try and upload a few pics of little Jasper and the family. He's doing really great and a marathon runner for sure!! And why am I so certain of this... He was born on the day of the London Marathon!! :-D


  1. New to your blog disco stu, but enjoy what you have to say. Congrats on little Jasper : )

  2. Those elliptoGo's cost a bomb! Sooo jealous ;-)