Friday, 18 March 2011


What a week... Since last Sundays 60 miler on the ElliptiGO things have gone a bit off track. Monday was a slow recovery ru. And whilst heavy legged I didn't feel too bad. Tuesday I rested and on Wednesday came the BIG mistake! An innocent lunchtime aerobics session at work left me seriously aching that evening and come Thursday my legs were feeling the full and very real effects of DOMS brought on by the aerobics session which I think triggered the very sore legs. Until then I felt I was recovering extremely well from Sunday and was looking good for this weekend. Now I'm wondering how an hour of exercise could have such a profound effect on how I'm now feeling. It's Friday evening now and my legs and still weary and sore. Not ideal preparation for a 12hr race this weekend.

However i've learnt an awful lot from what has happened. For one - the ElliptiGO IS a serious workout and I'm only now beginning to realise just how much it pushing the muscle groups whilst training on it. It's weird though because of the low/zero I
pact nature of it you really don't feel the effect ls of the workout whilst training and because of this it's possible to push yourself much further than when running. But beware DOMS may bite you on the arse days later!!

Sorry for the rambling post and this reflects just how I'm feeling ahead of Sunday. This mornig I was really cursing my luck and wondering how I'm gonna get through Sundays 12hr but now it's like a switch had flicked in my head and now all I'm thinking is how I'm gonna lay it ALL on the line on Sunday. Sometimes you need to go into a race knowing it gonna hurt like hell and if I'm gonna achieve what I have set out to do which is to improve on last years 12 laps then I'm goig to have to give it everything the double it, suck it up and spit it out and drive my body and mind into the ground!! Man I'm SO ready for some serious(good)damage!

I went out and stocked up the cool box today that will store my fuel for this race. Weight watchers look away now - this includes a Hawaiian pizza, tub of flapjacks, variety funsize pack, chocolate covered coffee beans, and 'I'mBuzzing' banana energy bars!! That little lo should keep me going.

Race starts 6am Sunday. I will be posting Facebook updates as the race progresses (if there is reception). The 'ProVelo Support' facebook and Twitter pages will also be posting live updates on the course.

My wildest and most optimistic prediction is to complete 13 laps (120k) in 13 hours. I would be more than happy to equal the 12 laps I ran last year in a faster time (12h48m). We shall see....

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